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As the owner of my own successful consulting company since 1992 I have vast experience in running a business, as well as expertise in marketing your business online. I have worked in a variety of industries, including life insurance, manufacturing, government, and consulting. My experience covers the gamut from office administration, project coordination, programming, web development, documentation and supervisory. With so much work knowledge it is difficult to convey all of the skills I bring to my online consulting business. The following information is meant to give you an idea or a taste of what I can do for you. Please feel free to email or call me at 218-851-7026.

Online Content SupportHamilton Company, Inc. Cheryl McDonough Online Consultant Administrative Consultant Online Content Support

- Web Content, Design, Creation, Updates

- Blog Content, Design, Creation, Updates

- Website analysis/review

- Website hosting

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

- Website testing and QA

Websites I have designed and created

Administrative SupportHamilton Company, Inc. Cheryl McDonough Online Consultant Administrative Consultant Support

- Office Assistant/Clerical Support

- Client communication - mass email of newsletters, correspondence

- Writing, Editing, & Proofreading

- Schedule meetings

- Travel arrangements

- Invoicing / client tracking

Marketing ConceptualizationHamilton Company, Inc. Cheryl McDonough Online Consultant Administrative Consultant Marketing Conceptualization

- Website presence, Branding

- Blog presence, Branding

- Business concept brainstorming

- Business card design

- Brochures, flyers, etc. design

Business SupportHamilton Company, Inc. Cheryl McDonough Online Consultant Administrative Consultant Business Support

- Recruiting

- Special Projects, Project planning

- Scheduling, Planning

- Internet research / searches

- Self-Publishing Guidance

Websites I Have Designed and Created

Hamilton Company, Inc.

My own website offering Online Consulting to support your business.

We Continue

Cheryl McDonough's website contains poetry and illustrations about spirituality and life. Her poetry, along with Erica Eschmann's artwork, is available as a book or eBook at Amazon.

Erica Eschmann's Art

Showcasing the artistic talent of Arizona artist Erica Eschmann's oil paintings, watercolors, and various media. Her works are expressions of creative energy, with titles such as Branching Out, Burden, Find the Treasure, Organically Grown, Body Language, to name just a few of her many and varied works of art.

The Spirit Tree

Denise Leigh's The Spirit Tree offers you the opportunity to lighten and brighten your soul. She brings natural tools to you that can be forever used to attract happiness, harmony and wellness in all areas of your life.

Pathways to Wellness

Through her work with Spring Forest Qigong, Lisa Goodlander offers strategies to help individuals find their own paths back to healthy, balanced, and enlightened lives. Her services provide an opportunity for clients to experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

MVP Companies

MVP Companies is a labor vendor that provides quality stagehand labor throughout the Twin Cities Minneapolis Minnesota metro area.

Northwood's Motel

Motel located just off Lake Superior in the western upper peninsula of Michigan.