My Book - We Continue: Poetry and images of life, love and truth

We Continue, Poetry and images of life, love and truth contains my original spiritual poetry and art about old age, cancer, joy, Feminine Divine, and love - and much more. It consists of 70 poems, each with an original work of art by Erica Eschmann. This strong combination of inspirational and visual art is a unique treat for the reader. The glossy cover has vibrant colors and visual impact. My book is 154 pages in length and is 5.5" x 8.5" x 3/8" thick. It is available as a book or an eBook at Or, contact me for an autographed copy!

We ContinueWe Continue by Cheryl Hamilton McDonough of Hamilton Company, Inc. Online Consultant

Cheryl Hamilton McDonough succinctly and quickly engulfs you in a life's event, immersing you in the moment of experience and feelings. Her intimacy and honesty offer you glimpses of truth and leave you with the desire to really live your life well. Each poem makes you eager to read the next one, to experience the reality contained in the moment to which she has brought you, as she shares with us that we are never not nothing, that life always continues.

The artist Erica Eschmann has captured her words with color and form so the senses continue to resonate with the impressions of her poetry, while giving an almost three-dimensional shape to the poems.

Each chapter speaks to a particular theme of life:

Old Age Cage expresses sorrow and rage as she watches her loved ones enter into inevitable old age, with the discovery that each person's life continues as they live on in our memories. That life's experiences are for a reason, and in the end all we have is our own truth.

We Continue articulates the grief and fear, and inspiring hope, as her soul-friend Marguerite battles life-threatening leukemia with a fierce desire to continue with her life.

Colors of Love celebrates the sensual sensations of her love and womanhood as they continue to bloom.

Goddess is a Verb proclaims her joy and spirituality as she continues to awaken to herself and her being with the awareness that a person's every thought and action counts as we continue in life - and forever.

Poetry Selections

Old Age Cage
Her lily-white body leaned on her bed
I can't move she called as she wet her bed
Confused and afraid she cried out instead
Her old age psoriasis itched and bled.

Frightened and angry at my mother's old age
After all, I wanted crone's wise old sage
As she creeps along, I help, in rage

Mind and body imprisoned, her old age cage.
She needs the Other, which she lost long ago
Contemplative Mystery freeing from life's woe
I pray to Great Goddess that Mom will know
Peace and no fear when she has to go.

She Continues
She continues with me
As the waves in the sea
True nature, with a smile
Then gone for a while

She’ll return, be reborn
As her spirit takes new form
As a memory, or a glance
No death, just continuance

See her as the cloud turns into rain
From ashes spring flowers, ever again
Continuance of life, life begets change
Love and memories, eternal interchange.

The Holy Instant
I breathe You
You breathe me
We both breathe eternally
The breath of life
Is all we can do
I breathe me as I breathe You.

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